Making Danish e-commerce stronger

Danish E-commerce Association (FDIH) – is an industry association for companies that commercially use the Internet and other digital channels.

We have 5 major objectives in FDIH that all point towards the same goal - to create the optimal conditions for successful e-commerce.

Quite simply, this means that not only are we fighting for political key issues, we also organize inspirational seminars and conferences and offer a wide range of services like help desks and discount agreements. All of this means that you can save money and improve your business.

E-commerce is continuously growing, and the last two years FDIH has doubled the number of members. The more we are, the bigger the influence. Welcome!

Niels Ralund,

Niels Ralund, FDIH

Our stated objectives

Denmark is one of the most digitalised countries as 80% of the Danes buy online annually. The Danish E-commerce Association is an association for companies that use the Internet and other digital channels commercially. FDIH represents major companies and smaller startups as well as companies that provide technical solutions or services for e-businesses. 

FDIH enhances the Danish e-business by providing knowledge about e-business as well as being involved in the political debate on issues that concern the e-business in Denmark and the EU. FDIH aims to become the leading e-business association with strength to make changes for the e-commerce companies in Denmark. And the more members FDIH represents, the greater the impact and opportunities for favorable outcomes.

FDIH is one of the founding fathers of Ecommerce Europe based in Brussels.

FDIH has 5 stated objectives:

1. Members are inspired by the latest knowledge on e-commerce to develop their own business.
As a member you have free access to all FDIH's analyzes, articles and services. You can also participate for free in more than 20 annual seminars, and you get up to 50% discount on the 5 annual conferences

2. Members receive exclusive discounts and benefits that save them money and optimize their business.
As a member you can benefit greatly by using our exclusive discount agreements thus saving a lot of money

3. Members create a strong network in the industry
Our goal is that you as a member create a strong network in the industry. With more than 500 professional member companies, there are plenty of experience and inspiration in our network. We pursue a strong professionalism, and as a member, you have the opportunity to participate in our experience groups

4. Members get the best expert guidance that helps them optimize their business operation and development
Our help desks helps to ensure that you receive prompt professional and competent guidance both in law, accounting, tax, audit and HR. Everything is free and part of your membership

5. Members' interests are handled by FDIH when it comes to ensuring the best possible conditions for running an e-commerce business, both nationally and internationally.

For businesspartners there are two main reasons for joining:

1. By joining FDIH you will get in contact with the Danish e-tailers and have the opportunity to market your products to your potential customers.
FDIH is the only organization in Denmark that joins together the Danish e-business. Working together with FDIH thus gives you a direct entrance into the Danish market and connects you with a concrete audience: the e-tailers. Besides potential new costumers you will also have the opportunity to broaden your network and knowledge in the market.

2. By joining FDIH you will be updated on important Danish legislation concerning E-commerce
Doing business in Denmark means that Danish legislation also influences your company. Being a member of FDIH means that you will be updated on new and important legislations. As an example, the new cookie directive influences all website owners and requires specific action in order for your company to abide by the law. FDIH has created a Cookie service that enables your website to fulfill the new legal demands. Besides this, our help desk with Lett lawfirm can always assist your company, free of charge, with any first level questions you might have.

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*Online registration form in Danish - for help, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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