WebSummit 2019: De vigtigste tendenser i international e-handel

FDIH’s internationale korrespondent giver dig her de vigtigste pointer fra den enorme tech-konference, der havde besøg af både Margrethe Vestager og Ronaldo.

WebSummit er enorm. Måske verdens største tech-konference. De tørre nøgletal er +70.000 gæster, +1.200 talere, 15 scener, 7.000 ansatte, 2.000 frivillige, 2.150 startups og mindst ligeså mange investorer. Med de nøgletal forventede jeg total kaos, flaskehalse på gangene og forplejning, der var masse produceret. Men nej. WebSummit er mestre i at eksekvere og organisere. Imponerende.

På scenerne var indholdet en mere blandet fornøjelse, og fra tid til anden blev jeg i tvivl, om det var en tech-konference, jeg var til. Bæredygtighed, CSR og klimaforandring fyldte utroligt meget, og mange globale virksomheder kæmpede om, hvem der kunne sige den højeste procentsats, når det kom til deres ambitioner for at skære ned i CO2 udledningen. Selv Ronaldinho, Cantona og Ronaldo var på scenen og tale om medmenneskelighed, men det må da også være på sin plads i en stolt fodboldnation som Portugal.

Hele tech området var naturligvis dækket rigtigt godt ind, men når det kom til E-handel, så var der lidt langt imellem snapsene. Nogel var der dog – her kommer de vigtigste take aways og citater, som kommer til at flytte e-handel i årene, der kommer. God fornøjelse 😊

Verizon om 5G: 5G is not just another G. It’s the 4th industrial revolution and the shift from horses to automobiles. 5G uses only 10% of 4G usage in energy. I believe this 4th industrial revolution can eliminate the climate effects of the prior 3 industrial revolutions.

Calibra fra Facebook vil være fremtidens globale, digitale valuta. Your financial data will stay separate from your Facebook data – and I know that a lot of you in the audience don’t believe me.

Microsoft lancerer ny og forbedret Edge i midten af januar ’20, hvor brugerne selv kan vælge niveau for Tracking Prevention: Basic, Balanced, Strict. Dette begrænser tracking og du slipper for at se 150 reklamer de kommende uger for den vare, du købte i går. Workers waste 20% of their time looking for information on their corporate network. Average cost of a data breach for companies is $3.92M.

Amazon: Alexa promises to delete everything -all you have to say is ”Alexa, delete everything I said today”…

Alexa has improved understanding by 20% and is still getting better. Security is our major concern in our drone project - a clothesline in the garden can be a major problem. Scout is out and about - the self-driving delivery robot. Amazon is a technology company, who just happens to do retail. We use data to help you. We run a customer centric business. Being able to pay in local currency is much more relevant to our customers than to pay in crypto currency. Neural networks make impossible forecasting possible. The biggest potential is not to steel customers from our competitors but to engage the ones, who do not shop online yet.

eBay: Mobile payment will get bigger. I am intrigued by the way AfterPay are doing.

Blockchain interviewer: Blockchain will be bigger than the internet and will be more fundamental to commerce, than the internet has been.

PVH Europe (Tommy Hilfiger m.m.): Our 3D Design process is 50% faster than the prior 2D work process, and the selling window itself has been cut by 50% with our new Digital Show Rooms. This, we sell to the entire industry: hatchstudio.co

JPMorgan Chase & Co.: Kids under 18 don’t use email and they probably never will. Machine Learning will fundamentally change the way we interact with consumers. Machine Learning will make marketing more human. Don’t sell – Invite.

Sam’s Club, Walmart: Our customers love the Scan & Go feature. We call our employees Associates. Our employee App called Our Sam’s has been answering 5 mio. questions so far and it responds to voice. We reduced our Sign-Up procedure from 8 minutes to 1 minute for our customers.

Kuehne + Nagel: We are using drones all over the places. Real time tracking of all goods. Dissolving line between B2C and B2B. Now 1 year of blockchain operation counting for 800.000 transactions. We offer transparency on CO2 emission on each transport before the customer books. We must improve data quality in the years to come.

StockX: Largest marketplace for sneakers and street wear – build the same way a stock market works. Bids are the most important piece of data in our business – what are you willing to pay? Through negotiating with the entire market. Brands like Nike, Adidas are engaging in the marketplace and testing the real market value of their product at StockX. Now engaging in brick and mortar. Not to sell but to engage our customers. Retail is not dying. It’s how the industry makes it work.

Siemens: cyber crime is the #1 business risk for many businesses today. But it is also a business opportunity. 1.300 cybersecurity experts employed and working to make our products and solutions as safe and secure as possible. Collaborate, invest, educate.

Sprinklr: Our business has leap frogged since we started working with AI. We reduced the time resolving a problem by 80% when using AI.

Margrethe Vestager: We may have new technology, but we don’t have new values- dignity, integrity, humanity, equality - that’s the same. What I sense is that the US authorities have a new interest and engagement in start asking questions, engaging and investigating – and that is very, very welcome. Maybe we should do even more, because the risk is, that we completely undermine our democracy. Democracy is supposed to take place in the open, where a political ad can be fact checked, contradicted, different opinions can be offered, it can be supported, but if it is only in your feed, it’s only between you and Facebook, and their micro targeting of who you are, that’s not democracy anymore, that is just privatized de facto manipulation of who you are going to vote for. If Mark Zuckerberg puts action behind his words, we will see change rapidly and that would be very welcome. If there is an imbalance between what you get and what you pay, then very often you are the product, it is you who are being searched. One of the reasons I really like a good magic show is, that this is labelled – you are going to be manipulated – but online you still have a sence, that this is the right answer, this is the truth, I am presented with, and not a prediction of what I want to do next. Pessimists never get anything done, because it’s worse tomorrow, so why bother. 

Vil du se interviewet af Margrethe, kan du se det her:

Winner of PITCH, powered by Siemens
The last three startups of the world's biggest pitching competition, PITCH, powered by Siemens, were Banjo Robinson, BeRightBack and Nutrix.  After battling it out on Centre Stage, the audience cast their final votes. Congratulations to Nutrix, who were crowned on Centre Stage, for their innovative solution to measuring glucose in the blood without needles. Watch the announcement on Vimeo

Og så en sidste take away fra WebSummit: Central Eastern Europe is the new European Silicon Valley.

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