Invitation til Jeff Bezos fra Amazon som taler på E-handelskonferencen 2019

Margrethe Vestager var et scoop som taler. Nu inviterer FDIH Jeff Bezos til at tale på E-handelskonferencen 2019.

FDIHs direktør Niels Ralund har i dag sendt en invitation til Jeff Bezos, Amazons stifter og direktør for at få ham til at slå vejen forbi FDIH E-handelskonference 2019. 

Let's share the stage again 

Dear Jeff Bezos

My name is Niels Ralund and I’m the managing director of the Danish E-commerce organization FDIH, and member of the Board and the Executive Committee team in our European organization E-Commerce Europe, where Amazon is a very active member.

Our paths crossed back in the late 1990’s when we – separately - spoke at a conference in Copenhagen on the digital future. 

Back then some people in the audience may have had a crooked smile, when you shared your ambitions for Amazon. Who’s smiling now?

Today your visions and predictions are indeed setting the direction on how to conduct trade on- and offline.

I would love to share the stage with you once again.

That is the reason why I invite you to speak at our annual Danish E-commerce conference which this year will be held October 09th in Copenhagen.

I’ll be on stage to introduce you as our keynote speaker. Last year we had the EU commissionaire Margrethe Vestager speaking on Amazon, among others. This year I give the word to you. I want you to tell us more about Amazon, the plans for starting up in the Nordic region, and hopefully also a bit about the fantastic history of Amazon.  

We expect more than 1.000 participants, but with you on stage, I guess we’ll have to make room for a numbers of extra seats 😊

I know you are a very busy man, but I’m an entrepreneur by heart and believe that nothing is impossible, even getting you to Denmark. I know that you have Danish roots, so if you want to know more about Denmark, the business and our and Danish history, I’ll be happy to be your personal guide during your stay in Copenhagen.

I really do hope that you’ll find time to meet me, FDIH and the many merchants in Danish Ecommerce in October. We will of course pay reasonable expenses for travel and accommodation.

I really look forward to be hearing from you. 

All the best

Niels Ralund



7. jan 2019 Henriette Thiim


9. mar 2019 Maria

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