Become a partner and gain visability and exposure in FDIH’s many events

By becoming a partner at FDIH’s different events you have the unique opportunity to reach your target customers: The e-businesses in Denmark.

FDIH arranges a number of major and minor events and activities throughout the year. As a partner, your company will be exposed to the participants and thus have ample opportunity to meet your existing customers and future leads.

Become a partner at FDIH's many events. Click here for the English version


FDIH arranges 4 to 5 annual conferences, including:

  • Cross-border E-commerce Conference with 250-300 participants
  • E-commerce Denmark (Aarhus) with 250-300 participants
  • E-Commerce Summit (CPH) with more than 1.000 participants

Members of FDIH participate in our conferences at a favorable price. Others pay a non-member price.
Between 200-1000 participants attend our conferences. The E-commerce Summit is the largest with more than 1.000 participants at the last conference.

There are several types of sponsorships to choose from at our conferences. Prices range between 15.000 DKK excl. VAT. and 150.000 excl. VAT.

Contact us for more details about the different partner opportunities.

The E-commerce awards

The E-commerce awards is a very festive annual event where the best companies in Danish e-commerce are rewarded.
Both members and non-members participate in the competition and the event has great media attention.

As a partner in this event, your company will be exposed for a longer period of 5 months in the e-commerce industry in Denmark.
There are 4 different types of partnership to choose from.

Contact us for more details about the different partner opportunities.

Seminars and workshops

FDIH arranges approx. 20 seminars and workshops annually on different topics within e-commerce: strategy, business case, organization, products, prices and services, warehousing and logistics, customer service, shop, marketing and analysis.

A seminar / workshop typically lasts 3 hours and participation in seminars is free for all FDIH's members and access for others is set at a certain price. The same seminar will be held in both Copenhagen and Jutland, where attendance in Jutland typically is around 40 people and about 50 people in Copenhagen.
The attendance can be higher, but the numbers are made on the basis of enough time to promote the seminar, unique cases/speakers and a text that tells the participant why they should join the seminar. 

Your company will help determine the topic of the seminar / workshop in close cooperation with FDIH.

The price for the 2 seminars are 40,000 DKK excl. VAT.

Want more details about the different partner opportunities?

We offer our sponsors a wide range of services to ensure that you are properly exposed both before, during and after our events.
Contact us for more details about the different partner opportunities.


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